Alex defines an excellent clinical outcome as when a patient is capable of doing more post-injury than they were when she first began working with them.

Her extensive clinical studies in both North America and the UK, comprising two four year degrees as well as postgraduate studies centring on pain and movement issues persisting long after injuries have healed, make her an expert in her field. She incorporates her comprehensive clinical knowledge of inflammation, injury, scarring, and tissue healing on a cellular level into her treatment approach with patients.

Alex is passionate about working with individuals who aspire to achieve their athletic potential. She has previous international work experience with elite athletes, including Annie Thorisdottir (2x Crossfit Games Champion), Hafþór Björnsson (“The Mountain” from HBO’s Game of Thrones and 2018 World’s Strongest Man) and Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson (2x podium finisher at Crossfit Games). She enjoys working as part of a team with the athlete/patient and their coach to achieve exceptional outcomes. Alex also enjoys working with “regular” individuals who enjoy movement of all kinds, whether that be Crossfit, bouldering, rowing, swimming, or just the ability to move and enjoy life pain-free.

Her greatest joy is helping patients to do more of what they love, whatever that may be.

ART Full Body Certified Graston® GT-M1 CFL1
M. Ost. BA (Hons)
GOsC Reg: 10375
Sports Taping Rigid/K-Tape/Active Tape

Special Interests
Chronic treatment-resistant injuries
Hypermobility and connective tissue disorders

Fast facts

  • Snatch PR: 52.5kg
  • Half Marathon Row: 1:32:41.6 (2:11.8/500m)
  • Can make a fire with a bow drill

Emelye Dwyer / Crossfit Athlete + Coach

"It’s hard to trust people with your body, but I always feel safe when I’m with Alex. Her patience, professionalism & expertise are impressive, and she is a primary player in my  my athlete care team."